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How It Works

How we work.

What is Pegasus Grocery Delivery?
Pegasus Grocery Delivery Co. is a grocery delivery service that delivers groceries from our commercial suppliers in as little as an hour of your scheduled order! We connect you with your very own Personal Care Representative with whom you will text and communicate with so he/she can pick up and deliver your groceries from your favorite local grocery stores such as HEB, Costco and Sprouts. Pegasus Grocery Delivery Co. is not a retailer or a seller of groceries or other merchandise. Pegasus Grocery Delivery Co. is a personal service company that works one on one with its clients so that clients receive their groceries in a reliable quick manner.

Where do you deliver?
Pegasus Grocery Delivery Co. currently delivers in the McAllen and surrounding Rio Grande Valley. Pegasus Grocery Delivery can deliver your groceries to your home or place of work whichever is more convenient for you.

Pegasus Grocery Delivery does not deliver to my zip code. How can I get orders from you?
Pegasus Grocery Delivery Co. currently delivers to designated zip codes in McAllen, Texas. You may text us your contact information so that when we do service your zip code, you will be the first to get notice.

To check service areas:
1) Go to our zip code service page; and
2) Enter your zip code

Delivery Fees for Groceries:

Our flat rate fee for deliveries is $4.99.


Maximum amount for groceries per order is $400.00.

When do I pay?

Payment is not required until your order has been delivered. At the moment we only accept debit/ credit cards upon delivery.

What are delivery hours?
Our delivery windows start weekdays as early as 8AM and run as late as 7pm, depending on your local store hours. On weekends, deliveries start at 8am and run as late as 5pm. If you place an order after 5PM, your order will be processed the following day. If you place an order before 7AM, your order will be processed the same day.On holidays, our delivery hours are subject to store holiday hours. You can view available delivery times for your area from the shopping cart or by texting your personal care representative. Most customers choose to have delivery within 2 hours but you can also schedule up to 6 days in advance.  

Which stores will Pegasus obtain my groceries from?
Your Personal Care Representative will shop from your local HEB stores according to your zip code to fill your grocery needs. Groceries and products from Costco and Sprouts can be purchased through the web shopping cart or by notifying your Personal Care Representative. Pegasus Grocery Delivery is an independent business. Pegasus Grocery Delivery Co is not affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by specific retailers mentioned on this website. If you’d like to see which stores are visited to fill your grocery list, please visit our service area page and click your state at the bottom of the page.

How do I create an account?
The best way to create an account is to send us a text with your name and number. You will receive a welcome message from your designated Personal Care Representative whereby you start sending your shopping list and/or photos of grocery items. It is that easy. Additional methods are:

1) Visiting Pegasus Grocery Delivery.com and placing an order via the shopping cart;
2) Sending us your shopping list via email;
3) Google authentication; or
4) Facebook authentication to sign up!

How do substitutions work on Pegasus?

When an item is not available or out of stock at your local store, we do our best to replace it with something similar. Please be aware that you will be refunded or charged for the difference in price. 

Can I place orders from different stores at the same time? 

You can place orders from different stores, however, you will be charged separate delivery fee for each order.

How many accounts can I have?
Generally, an account services one household and one registered client. A client may register additional qualified household members to place orders. We require your written notice of the additional members in order to protect your privacy. 

Where are your terms and conditions?
You may review our terms and conditions here.

How do I report an incorrect image, price, or description on an item in your inventory?
Please report any incorrect image, price, or description on an item by emailing info@pegasusgd.com.

Please report any return items immediately. Perishable items are not subject to return. Non-perishable items are subject to return. Please return items subject to return un-damaged and in the original packaging. There is a maximum window of 24 hours for returns. 

If there is problem with an item in your order, please contact your Personal Care Assistant immediately. Send photos and description of problem.

Designated Servicing Pegasus Grocery Delivery office: 805 W. Dallas, Avenue, McAllen, Texas 78501
Registered Household Members:
Qualifying Client Registered Workplace:
Perishable items: Likely to die to decay. A perishable item is also a type of food with a limited shelf life if it's not refrigerated. Such perishable products are fruit, vegetables, butter and eggs. 
Non-perishable items: Not subject to rapid deterioration or decay. 
7 day week period:
Qualified Household Members: