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What types of payment do you accept?

We currently accept all major US credit and debit cards, Android Pay, Apple Pay and cash on delivery. We're sorry for the inconvenience as we're currently not optimized for prepaid credit cards, store gift cards, EBT cards, international payments, and other forms of payment not listed as accepted above.
Can I get an invoice instead of paying at checkout?

At this time, we don’t have an invoicing option. We do provide itemized receipts, though. To access your receipt:
Log in to the website
Click Account at the top right
Click Your Orders
Click the order you got a refund on
Click View Receipt

How do I see my receipt?

1. Go to www.Pegasus Grocery Delivery.com and make sure you’re logged in
2. At the top right, click Account
3. Click Your Orders
4. Click View order detail on the order you would like to view the receipt for
5. Click View Receipt at the top right

Why am I getting charged a different amount than what was shown when I originally checked out?

There are several reasons you may be charged more or less than what you saw in your original cart. They are:

Authorization charge: This is temporary. An authorization charge on your order in case your bill turns out to be higher for any of the reasons listed below. For example, the charge when you checked out was $57.40. With the authorization you may see $65.00 on your bank statement instead of $57.40. However, this charge will change back to $57.40 after your order is complete, unless your order ended up costing more.

Special requests: Special requests are requests you can make if an item isn’t found on our website. If you have any special requests in your order, you will be charged for them after the order is complete since we do not know the cost of special request items until your personal care representative finds the item in the servicing grocery store.

Added items: After you place an order, you can add items to it. You will not see a charge for any items added to your order until after the order is complete.

Replacement items: You can choose to have items replaced or not if something is out of stock. If an item is replaced, you will be charged the amount of the difference in price. If the replacement is more expensive than the item you ordered, you will be charged more. If the replacement is less expensive, you will be charged less.

Out of stock items: If an item is out of stock, we will refund the price of that item to you. This will reduce the amount of your order.

Weight adjustments: Our shoppers will try to get the exact weight of the items you requested, but it is likely the weight could be more or less than what you requested. If you receive more or less than what you requested, we will charge you to reflect that. For example, if you ordered 2 lbs of bananas, but we sent you 1.9 lbs, you will be charged for 1.9 lbs.

If the charge you are seeing doesn’t fall under any of the categories mentioned here or if you notice a charge from us that you can’t associate with an order, please contact Customer Happiness at info@pegasusgd.com.

What can I do if I believe there is an incorrect charge for an item on my order?

Please contact your Pegasus Personal Care representative; or Please follow these steps to get help:

1).Go to www.Pegasus Grocery Delivery.com and make sure you’re logged in
2).At the top right, click Account
3).Click Order History
4).Find the order you had a problem with and click Report A Problem
5).Under “What issue can we help you with?” click the problem you have
6).Select and enter details about the issue as necessary and click Done with adding issues when you’re finished adding the problems you had
7).Under “How can we fix this for you”, select an option and click Submit

If you can’t access the website to follow the steps above or if you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact us at 956-625-4300 or info@pegasusgd.com.

Where can I see my refund?
If you were refunded for a specific item on an order, or for a whole order, you can see this in your order history:

1).Log in to the Pegasus Grocery Delivery website
2).Click Account at the top right
3).Click Your Orders
4).Click the order you got a refund on
5).Click View Receipt at the top right

Please keep in mind that refunds typically take between 3 to 5 business days to process, depending on your bank or credit card company.

If you don't see the refund reflect within that time frame, please contact your financial institution directly regarding their policies on refunds as in some cases, it may take up to 2-3 weeks. If you are still having trouble, please email us at info@pegasusgd.com.

How do I change the credit card I use for payment?
To add a card:

1).At the top right, click Account
2).Click Your Account
3).Click Payment Methods on the left
4).Click New card
5).Enter the card information and click Save Changes

To remove a card:

1 ).At the top right, click Account
2 ).Click Your Account
3 ).Click Payment Methods on the left
4 ).Click the card you want to remove
5 ).Click Delete card

How can I move order charges to a different credit card?

You can only change a payment on an order once it's been delivered. Please follow the steps below (on a computer only).

1 ).First, make sure the card you would like the charges moved to is already on your account. If it’s not, please follow the steps to add a card to your account in this article. 
2 ).Next, contact your Pegasus Care Representative or reach help@Pegasus Grocery Delivery.com and let them know the last four digits of the card you’d like the charges moved to.

Please be aware that once we issue a change on the original charge, you must wait 3-5 business days for the refund to appear on one card and the new charge to appear on the new card. If you do not see the refund within that window of time, you may want to contact your bank directly.

How do I use an Pegasus Grocery Delivery gift card?
Pegasus Grocery Delivery gift cards are received by email and/or through your Pegasus Personal Care representative.

To use a gift card, click the link in the gift card email.

Important: you must be logged in to your account before clicking the link.

Please check your emails “Junk: or "Spam"; folder if you don't receive your gift card email - otherwise please contact us directly at info@pegasusgd.com.

Can you help identify an unknown charge?

If you see a transaction on your card associated with Pegasus Grocery Delivery and you don’t think the charge is associated with your Pegasus Grocery Delivery account, or if you do not have a Pegasus Grocery Delivery account, please immediately reach out to your Pegasus Personal Care representative or our Customer Happiness Team
at info@pegasusgd.com.

We're happy to help investigate to see if the charges are legitimate or fraudulent. Please contact us with the following information:

1 ).The last four digits of your card number
2 ).The expiration date of your card
3 ).The date of the unauthorized charge(s)
4 ).The amount of the unauthorized charge(s)

In order to best facilitate a refund for any unauthorized charges, we ask that you not dispute a charge through your bank or card company. If you have already made a dispute, we ask that you withdraw your dispute, as we will be able to refund any unauthorized charges that we see on our end. If a dispute is mistakenly filed, please be aware that your account may be placed on hold while we investigate the dispute. You may not be able to place any orders while your account is on hold. This process can take upwards of 60-70 days to resolve during which you may be unable to access your account.