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Bolner's Fiesta Fajita Seasoning 30 OZ

Bolner's Fiesta Fajita Seasoning 30 OZ

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Product Description

Extra fancy. With tenderizer. This product is non‑irradiated.

Preparation Instructions

This product is designed to be used by itself as a complete sprinkle‑on fajita seasoning or to be added to your present marinade. Level of usage is: Amount of spice: 25 lb, amount of skirt steak seasoned: 1500‑1875 lb; amount of spice: 8 lb, amount of skirt steak seasoned: 480‑600 lb; amount of spice: 2 lb, amount of skirt steak seasoned: 120‑150 lb; amount of spice: 14 oz, amount of skirt steak seasoned: 50‑65 lb. 1. Sprinkle fajitas (skirt steaks) generously with seasoning. 2. Let fajitas stand 30 minutes before cooking for tenderizing and flavor development to occur (the best method is to season and refrigerate overnight). Skirts can be seasoned and refrigerated up to 48 hours before cooking. The enzyme will not over‑tenderize. Skirts can also be seasoned and frozen, seasoned and vacuum packed, or seasoned, vacuum packed and frozen. The tenderizing enzyme is not active while the meat is frozen. Be sure to use good food handling practices. 3. Sear the fajitas quickly over hot charcoal fire to seal in juices, then allow to cook until just done. 4. Slice the meat across the grain. Place on hot flour tortillas. Garnish with guacamole and picante sauce.

IngredientsSalt, Monosodium Glutamate, Spices, Garlic, Onion, Calcium Stearate (Free Flow Agent) and Tenderizer (Proteolytic Enzyme Derived from Aspergillus Flavus Oryaze and from Papaya).

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